Service & Repair Prices

Garage Door Service from $120

A number of the most common Roller Door problems can be rectified by just a standard service. A Residential Garage Door is usually the major mechanical component of the family home and should be regularly serviced every 6 – 12 months depending on the frequency of use. This will prevent larger and more expensive problems from developing down the track.,

Garage Door Springs from $200

If your door won't open it could be a broken Garage Door Spring which come in pairs. As the springs are the same age it is usual practice to change them at the same time to save on costs in changing the other soon after. A new set of springs should last 7-10 years. Changing the springs also includes Garage Door Service, inspection and reset of the motor is included. A normal door can weigh over 100kg and it is important you do not attempt to do this yourself. A falling door can crush vehicles and people.

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Garage Door Motor from $450

Garage Door Motor Prices start from $450 including Supply & Install. A range of options for warranty from 3 -7 years are available. Every replacement motor includes a complete Garage Door Service. We have the full range of brands including Merlin, Avanti, Chamberlain & more.

Garage Door Hinges from $65

An average Garage Door has four hinges. A snapped or broken Hinge cause a loud noise, an unbalanced door or can stop the door from opening. Replacement Hinges start from just $65

Garage Door Cable & Tension from $180

If your door is uneven or hanging from one sider it could be a snapped cable. It is important you do not attempt to adjust or fix this yourself.

New Garage Door Installation from $1200

Melbourne Roller Doors can design and install a custom Garage or Roller Door for your residential or commerical premises. Prices vary vary according to brand, features and motorisation options. Contact us for a free measure & quote.